A little bit about Rafiki Mwema

At Rafiki Mwema we help our girls to understand their frightening experiences and allow them to know that they are not to blame. While they are with us our girls receive medical attention; support through their court cases; education; therapy and a warm, loving, playful and empathic environment – we love and support them through the trauma so they can repair from the inside.

At Rafiki Mwema we work with our boys to respect themselves and others. We give them the values to become safe husbands and fathers. We help them to be able to be loved.

We work with families; in the communities; the schools; churches; villages; and with the government officials to ensure the cycle of abuse is broken and children are able to live as children should. We are totally committed to supporting the children who have experienced things we could not even imagine and to help them heal their trauma.

Our farm is amazing! We have four beautiful therapeutic houses, we have a farm where we grow our own produce, we have greenhouses, we have therapeutic carers, but we are not done yet …

The current critical project for us is a school for all our vulnerable young girls. Some of the girls come to us for weeks or months, others come for years. All of them come because of the horror of sexual abuse. Because we care for our children as they go through the court process, many of them are not able to go out to attend school during this scary time. Sometimes this process can last years.

Their lives are always in danger if they leave the safety of our farm. If the family of the perpetrator knew where their accuser (our girls) was, there is a very good chance they could be targeted and possibly murdered, as their evidence will put these evil men away for life.

So, at the moment, they are taught in the house they live in. Let me be clearer, at the moment they are taught in the bedrooms and in the kitchen of the house that they live in (see photos above) During the day we push back the bunk beds and we pull out chairs and tables. It’s a little bit squashed. It’s a little bit disorganised. But our girls are learning as best they can.

We are lucky enough to have some supporters in Newcastle who are holding a Gala (Rafiki Gala Dinner By Sleepy’s Kotara & Simon Curwood Jewellery) in September to help raise funds to build the school for our children on the farm. Along with their funds and the funds raised from 'Schools for my Rafiki' we will be able to build their own purpose-built classrooms with desks and chairs and blackboards and spaces to do indoor lessons and a playground for outdoor play. The funds raised will also cover on going running costs for the school and help us sustain a safe learning place.

“Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be”   Rita Pierson

Catherine, Kelly & Tanya approached us early in 2019 with the desire to fundraise for Rafiki Mwema. Their passion to support the work we are doing was admirable. They wanted to work on a campaign that involved schools in Australia that would somehow support our school and educational needs in Kenya. After some brain storming they came up with the campaign 'Schools for my Rafiki'.
We have worked closely with them to set up this campaign and allow it to reach as many schools as we can!

As always we are so grateful for the support we couldn’t do it without all of you

Founders of Rafiki Mwema