Where did this idea come from?

Our names are Catherine, Kelly and Tanya, we are three passionate, full-time working Mums. Catherine and Tanya are primary school teachers and Kelly works in finance. Between us we have seven energetic children; 6 girls and a boy. Our children are aged between 2 and 14 years of age. Our aim as parents is to help raise kind and compassionate children, our goal is to do this by leading by example.

For the past few years we have been loyal Rafiki Mwema supporters, sponsoring children, donating where we can, purchasing their beautiful products and following their Facebook page. Earlier this year we attended a Rafiki Mwema fundraising dinner, where we had the pleasure of listening to Rafiki Mwema company directors; Sarah Rosborg, Anne-Marie Tipper and Jimmy Mucheru speak from the heart about the Rafiki Mwema children and some of their terrifying stories. It was very clear they consider these children as their own and Rafiki Mwema is not just a charity, they are a family.

"We saw our own children in the faces of the Rafiki Mwema children"...

...and felt extremely blessed that our babies were lucky to be born into safe and loving families. After the dinner event we knew we had to do more. If the next big goal for Rafiki Mwema was to build a school for their most venerable girls, then we wanted to be part of making this happen. It is with this goal in mind that the ‘Schools for my Rafiki’  idea was born.

This is an opportunity for Schools and P & C's to contribute towards the long term and ongoing costs of Jasiri Rafiki School. This is the chance to demonstrate to our children the impact we can all have as individuals to those who need our support.

Those Schools & Individuals who raise over $100 will have their name displayed in the school for the Jasiri Rafiki Students and Community to see. Individuals, Schools or Businesses who are able to raise $5000 and over will have a plaque made and added to the walls of Jasiri Rafiki School. This is important to us, not only as a way of honouring those who have donated but to give all of our Jasiri Rafiki School students a sense of how many people (adults and children) from the other side of the world value them and their future.

This program gives the Rafiki Jasiri Children the opportunity to education in a safe environment, and shows children of Australia that a small, selfless act of kindness on a large scale will profoundly change someone's life.

Catherine, Kelly & Tanya