A month after being chosen by @SussexRoyal, Harry and Meghan, as a charity of choice, we are still mind-blown by the exposure we gained, from magazine articles, radio interviews to TV appearances.


Despite an increase in awareness, supporters and all the awesome national (and International) exposure, that we will be forever grateful for, we need to keep it real, and our real need is still to raise the funds we need to care for some of the most traumatised children in the world.

Each month, we struggle to meet the $45k we need just to cover our running costs. The only way we can meet this is with your help, whether that is by choosing to sponsor one of our children, or simply by sharing this page.

$50 a month provides a child with a month of nutritious meals - and with a full belly and a happy heart, these children learn to be children again.


Can you help us? Let’s leave a Right Royal Legacy together.


One of our beautiful boys, Peter, is writing his story, 'Holding the hand of my future'. Peter was found on the streets of Nakuru when he was just a small boy after running away from a grandmother that tortured him daily. He still suffers today, both physically and emotionally. Writing his story down has been a tough ride and it will prove a tough read, but if you meet grown up Peter today, you will see just how the love and healing at Rafiki Mwema saved him.

Leave your Right Royal Legacy by making a donation to Rafiki Mwema. All recurring weekly or monthly donations received by the end of September will be remembered, in print, forever, in Peter’s book.

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